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The Farm

Sheila Bird Farms is a small organic vegetable farm located on a small plot of land on the Prairie Monarch Bison Ranch, just outside Laramie, WY, 


Sheila Bird is our friend Sheila Miller.  She was born on a farm and kept us all fed and full of sun tea when we started the farm in 2008 near Waverly, Colorado, 55 miles south of Laramie


We had two more months of growing season down there than we do in Laramie, and much warmer nights, which allowed us to grow and harvest a wide range of produce.  

In 2013, we began to farm on the Prairie Monarch Bison Ranch outside Laramie, and traveled between the ranch and the farm in Waverly to grow and harvest produce for the Thursday and Friday markets in Laramie. 

In 2014, we moved all operations to the Prairie Monarch Bison Ranch. We constructed two large hoop houses, or high tunnels, on the farm to extend the growing season earlier in spring and later in fall. We continue to provide a wide variety of produce to the Laramie community through our CSA program, the Laramie farmers markets, the Big Hollow Co-Op in downtown Laramie, and donations to various community food programs.   When we have extra produce, we enjoy hosting "pop up" driveway sales in town.

Ricky Kent

Ricky was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida, where from the age of 5 he shared his mom’s passion for gardening by being in charge of the watermelon patch and tomatoes.  As a kid he spent his summers camping in Wyoming, and after high school he moved here.  He has lived in Laramie for more than 40 years. 

Ricky is the man behind the farm. You will see him putting his green thumb and quiet, tireless passion to work farming the land and haunting the market. He's always interested in talking about the food we raise, so pick his brain when you see him.

The Crew

Sheila Bird Farms relies on a dedicated seasonal full- and part-time work force for help on the farm, at the market, and delivering our organically grown produce to local businesses.

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