Sheila Bird Farms CSA

People often have asked us if Sheila Bird Farms participates in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  While a CSA program is a great way for us to get our money up front and to be able to distribute our excess produce (every farmer’s wish), until the 2014 season we chose not to participate in any CSA program.  But, we have grown and now produce enough to supply such a program in addition to doing what is most important to us: to provide our communities with the finest quality vegetables from a local source by participating in the Laramie Thursday Local and Friday Downtown Markets and supplying local establishments with fresh organically produced vegetables, herbs and flowers.

That is why now we can say CSA in addition to SCA.  Please buy from local growers, ranchers and artisans who live, eat, shop, and play in your community, as we do. That’s true community support.  The best way to support community agriculture is to meet your local growers at the market, shake their hands and find out where they live.  Our farm and our home are in Laramie, and we are happy to be able to provide local produce through CSA shares.

Please read and agree to the terms of the CSA Member Agreement before purchasing shares.

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